Sinetron SCTV Melati Untuk Marvel

Rabu, 09 September 2009

Melati Untuk Marvel is name of Indonesia sinetron presented by SCTV. Melati Untuk Marvel starring Indonesia Young Celebrities such as Chelsea Olivia (Born in Bandar Lampung, 29 Juli 1992), and Rezky Aditya (born in Jakarta, 26 Februari 1985)

Melati Untuk Marvel was said is a imitation from Korean Drama "I Hate You But It’s Fine".

Melati Untuk Marvel pemain, cast and starring :

Rezky Aditya as Marvel
Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Melati
Afifa Syahira as Aurel
Donny Michael as Reyhan
Gracia Indri as Keyza
Mpok Ati as Bu Lily
Devi Permatasari as Bu Anggi
Krisna Murti Wibowo as Pak Surya
Emma Waroka Hawkins as Bu Selva
Marcello Djorghi as Pak Slamet
Fikri Ramadhan as Tukul
Yoelitta Palar as Bu Dewi

Melati Untuk Marvel Synopsis, Story, and cerita :

Melati (22) is a young girl filled with passion for work. For him, business is the order umpteenth mate after work. Melatitype of girl independent, assertive and responsible. Supported by an attractive physical appearance, kalo gak wonder many boys who fell in love with him.

Contrary to a guy called MARVEL (22). At the age of've not teenagers anymore, MARVEL still looking for identity. Selulus high school, because there is not the cost, he forced a taxi driver. It was half-hearted. After His parents divorced when he was a toddler, he lived with ANGGI, his mother. ANGGI often can not wait to see what seems MARVEL never serious about his future. MARVEL According to his own, he've worked hard enough to help her mother. ANGGI sendiri membuka salon kecil-rumahan di sebuah ruko. One time Melatinot accidentally met with MARVEL.

MARVEL fault kicking tires and car rear view mirror falling MELATI, Melatifurious and demanded compensation. Sure aja gak MARVEL received, assuming that the basic car emang udah Melatiis too old and should have entered a museum. Melati offense and finally back to say, that a guy like MARVEL emang gak much less reliable responsible, so he will understand. MARVEL turn offended. Eventually he would love the money, but have not got. So he was the love of paper lottery.

From there a new Melatiknow what a mess that guy. But the attitude behind the slenge'an MARVEL, MARVEL very fond of his mother and respects women. When his mother proposed by SURYA (Melatiboss in the office), MARVEL support. But she hesitated, SOLAR is a former first love. ANGGI first rebuffed by BU LILI, mother SOLAR, because not worth it. Now after a few tens of years and both had to settle down, they again met and fell in love. SURYA desperate to edit BU LILI ANGGI although still opposed it. Melatiand MARVEL still not accidentally meet. When the car broke down MELATI, MARVEL passing and with sincerity to help clean up the car.

From there, the new Melatisebenernya MARVEL know that the good guy. Melatibegan sympathetic to MARVEL. MARVEL any sebenernya've also started to feel like the same MELATI. In the meantime, there ADITYA, mass cute and bright future, who has a crush JASMINE. They know because ADITYA Melatioffice for cooperation. Since then their relationship became closer. ADITYA even consider Melatiis finally her boyfriend, although there was never a statement about it. Knowing the proximity MELATI-ADITYA, MARVEL secretly jealous.

But he was quite self-conscious. Finally MARVEL pretend boyfriend, just to cover his wounds. Melatialso love intimate with ADITYA ass in front of MARVEL. Be they so love each other, heating manasin each other. Melatihas an a brother named DIKA. DIKA became branch manager of a bank and has a serious girlfriend named Safa. Safa's family was hoping DIKA immediately apply Safa, but it seems belom DIKA ready. Same with JASMINE, DIKA too ambitious in pursuing a career. One time DIKA not familiar with the girl accidentally named Aurel super annoying. Aurel very rude and arrogant. Understandably, he was the only daughter SOLAR, a very spoiled and long life beyond. Completely DIKA gak tau that BU Selva (mother)'ve agreed with BU LILI to fix her up with Aurel. Every meeting they are always in a fight situation. But for long Aurel even interested and in love with DIKA.

DIKA tried to refuse because the already have Safa. But not Aurel gave his name as aja kalo. With all the effort, he tried to grab the hand DIKA of Safa. Until finally DIKA emang bener-bener leaving Safa and married with Aurel. ANGGI SOLAR eventually married, after the signature ANGGI separate property agreement offered LILI BU. MARVEL eventually move to a mansion SURYA. Aurel and LILI who never agreed to the marriage, eventually many pressing ANGGI. MARVEL certainly wrote his mother would not be treated arbitrarily with them. But every time MARVEL defend his mother, who is actually going family squabbles. MARVEL be hostile at Aurel and finally decided to stay at home ever wrote.

Meanwhile the left DIKA Safa, was devastated and vent at MARVEL. Safa did not know that MARVEL is a half brother Aurel, wife DIKA. Seeing MARVEL proximity with Safa, Melaticould overcome jealousy. Melatibut also prestige and keep his feelings to MARVEL. MARVEL SOLAR invited to join the company. MARVEL become subordinate JASMINE. Melatioften scolded him for working MARVEL often overslept. Even when the client and was told to take the car, MARVEL stray. They are so frequent quarrels.

But beside that, they actually admire each other secretly. Eventually they even become a reliable partner. Both ideas are often used by the office. ADITYA became increasingly jealous of their closeness.

Would they will proceed to a more serious relationship? Watch his story in "Melati Untuk MARVEL".

Watch and Nonton Melati Untuk Marvel Sinetron Episode 129

melati untuk marvel

Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Melati
chelsea olivia

Rezky Aditya as Marvel
rezky aditya

Gracia Indri as Keyza
gracia indri

Afifa Syahira as Aurel
afifa syahira


Sinopis Video Sinetron RCTI Manohara

Senin, 07 September 2009

Who don't know Manohara. Manohara Odelia Pinot (born Manohara Odelia Man in Jakarta) is public figure from Indonesia. She is also a model, and had a nightmare marriage with Malaysia Kelantan Prince, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry. But Manohara succedd to escape back to Indonesia after a lot of suufering and struggle.

Back to Indonesia, Manohara was offered 2,5 Billion Rupiah to play in Mega Sinetron Manohara, at channel RCTI. The sinetron itself will focus in Manohara story, her unwillingness marriage, a heavy physics suffering from her husband although the story will not exactly same with her real life.

Watch Manohara Mega Sinetron Ramadan, starting July 20, every day, pkl. 18:00 pm!

Manohara Cast and starring :

Mrs. Lili (Mrs. Mano): Dewi Yull
Mano: Manohara
Rico: Oka Antara
Resky: Dude Herlino
Brother Manohara: Rizha Shahab
Brother Manohara: Jessica Mila

Ost Sinetron Manohara - Maha Melihat (Opick Feat Amanda)

Download lagu dan nonton video dan lirik Opick Feat Amanda - Maha Melihat

Sinetron Manohara Synopsis and story :

Manohara is a girl 19 years old, who worked as an employee at an electronics company. Innocence and kindness attract Mrs. Ingrid, the owner of the company. Without wasting any more time, direct inquiries about the background to the girl and then ask for her hand into law, coupled with his son Rico.

Lili Mother, Manohara shocked parents knowing proposal from a wealthy businessman was. Like all mothers, the mother had a dream Manohara if one time there was a "Prince" handsome and rich can be a companion children.

Finally Mrs. Lili persuaded to accept Manohara Rico, because Rico is the best choice, and in this world God might just give one chance in a lifetime.

With a variety of considerations, including the desire to please his brother, Adit and Nanda, Manohara finally approved the marriage, though not yet know much dapper man named Rico that.

On the other hand, Rico would not want to approve a desire mama, because she Inggrid always wanted to organize everything and who controls the family economy. Moreover, the suggestion of his friend, better to follow the mother's desire to be happy, so Rico can continue huranya enjoy life, because poor women are usually not dare to fight.
Manohara went to Rezky, friends in the company without the knowledge of electronic Manohara put on him. Mano told the news. Rezky was devastated to hear it directly.

Since his love is sincere, Rezky happy that the girl who loved going to be happy, "Maybe this is God's plan. Because I'm certainly not going to be able to provide joy for Man," he said.

After marriage, the beauty of the Manohara was completely different picture with the fact that it faces. Life Mano increasingly apparent, even the passion fruit in the luxurious environment, because the cold and cruel attitude of the husband. Still Mano spend all the time to pray for her husband to change.

Hearing what had happened Manohara, Rezky began ventured near Manohara. He said that would still receive Mano whenever needed.

Nonton Video Sinetron Manohara di RCTI

sinetron manohara

Manohara Odelia Pinot in Sinetron RCTI "Manohara"
manohara odelia pinot

Oka Antara as Rico
oka antara

Dude Herlino as Resky
dude herlino


Cinta Fitri Season Ramadhan SCTV

Jumat, 04 September 2009

Cinta Fitri, is one of the most successful sinetron (drama series) in Indonesia. This sinetron is the secong longest drama ever made, after Tersanjung (2000-2006) with 8 seasons and 1187 episodes.

Began in May 2009, SCTV resume Cinta Fitri Season 3 (ruins) every day starting at 10:00 am for 2 hours straight, but has been running for approximately 1-2 weeks, the show was stopped.

Cinta Fitri season 4 (also called season of Ramadan) originally planned to run from the date of July 9, 2009, but because one of the main cast, Dinda Kanyadewi, had an accident, the latest season was delayed for 2 weeks and began running on July 20, 2009 at 20:00 WIT.

Cinta Fitri Season 4 (Ramadan Season) cerita preview and synopsis :

Farrell and Mubarak baby was born safely and was named by Mrs Lee, "Raffa Emeraldy Hutama." Farrell and Mubarak now living in the family home, although there is pressure from the Maya, Bram, Faiz, and Mischa.

Meanwhile, the problem with the Aldo and Moza Tristan hotter. Tristan kept trying to catch Moza. Lucky Mubarak continued to watch Tristan and managed to save Moza. Now Mubarak continued terrorized by Tristan for it.

Cinta Fitri cast and starring :

Main Cast
Shireen Sungkar as Fitri
Teuku Vishnu as Farrel
Adly Fairuz as Aldo
Donita as Moza
Evelyn verlita as Maya
Iqbal Pakula as Bram
Dinda Kanyadewi as Mischa
Sandy Syarief as Faiz (starting mid-season 3)
Randy Pangalila as Tristan (early - mid season 1, mid-season 3 - the beginning of season 4)
Fanny Ghassani as Kayla (season 1 - mid-season 2)
Rizky Hanggono as Word (early season 1)
Ida Kusumah as Oma
Irene Librawati as Mrs Lee
Boy Tirayoh as Mr. Hutama (season 1 - mid-season 3)
Nuri Maulida as Kayla (new, starting mid-season 2)
Lian Firman as Hadi (starting mid-season 2)

Supporting Cast
Bemby Putuanda as Norman
Hutomo Meidiana as Bu Lik (season 1 - the beginning of the end of season 2 & season 3 - season 4)
Arthur Tobing as Mr. Faith
Debby Cynthia Goddess as Mother Asih (season 1 - the beginning of season 4)
Teuku Ryan as Mr. Hartawan (starting early season 4)
Chilla Irawan as Nadine (season 1 - season 3)
Anbo Ontoceno as Yuga
Metha Yunatria as Nabila (season 1)
Elsye Virgita as Salsa (season 2 - mid-season 3)
Marizcha Fayn as Jamilah (mid season 3)
Angelia Quartiana as Abel (starting mid-season 2)

cinta fitri season ramadhan sctv

Shireen Sungkar as Fitri
shireen sungkar fitri

Teuku Vishnu as Farrel
teuku wisnu farrel

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