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Jumat, 04 September 2009

Cinta Fitri, is one of the most successful sinetron (drama series) in Indonesia. This sinetron is the secong longest drama ever made, after Tersanjung (2000-2006) with 8 seasons and 1187 episodes.

Began in May 2009, SCTV resume Cinta Fitri Season 3 (ruins) every day starting at 10:00 am for 2 hours straight, but has been running for approximately 1-2 weeks, the show was stopped.

Cinta Fitri season 4 (also called season of Ramadan) originally planned to run from the date of July 9, 2009, but because one of the main cast, Dinda Kanyadewi, had an accident, the latest season was delayed for 2 weeks and began running on July 20, 2009 at 20:00 WIT.

Cinta Fitri Season 4 (Ramadan Season) cerita preview and synopsis :

Farrell and Mubarak baby was born safely and was named by Mrs Lee, "Raffa Emeraldy Hutama." Farrell and Mubarak now living in the family home, although there is pressure from the Maya, Bram, Faiz, and Mischa.

Meanwhile, the problem with the Aldo and Moza Tristan hotter. Tristan kept trying to catch Moza. Lucky Mubarak continued to watch Tristan and managed to save Moza. Now Mubarak continued terrorized by Tristan for it.

Cinta Fitri cast and starring :

Main Cast
Shireen Sungkar as Fitri
Teuku Vishnu as Farrel
Adly Fairuz as Aldo
Donita as Moza
Evelyn verlita as Maya
Iqbal Pakula as Bram
Dinda Kanyadewi as Mischa
Sandy Syarief as Faiz (starting mid-season 3)
Randy Pangalila as Tristan (early - mid season 1, mid-season 3 - the beginning of season 4)
Fanny Ghassani as Kayla (season 1 - mid-season 2)
Rizky Hanggono as Word (early season 1)
Ida Kusumah as Oma
Irene Librawati as Mrs Lee
Boy Tirayoh as Mr. Hutama (season 1 - mid-season 3)
Nuri Maulida as Kayla (new, starting mid-season 2)
Lian Firman as Hadi (starting mid-season 2)

Supporting Cast
Bemby Putuanda as Norman
Hutomo Meidiana as Bu Lik (season 1 - the beginning of the end of season 2 & season 3 - season 4)
Arthur Tobing as Mr. Faith
Debby Cynthia Goddess as Mother Asih (season 1 - the beginning of season 4)
Teuku Ryan as Mr. Hartawan (starting early season 4)
Chilla Irawan as Nadine (season 1 - season 3)
Anbo Ontoceno as Yuga
Metha Yunatria as Nabila (season 1)
Elsye Virgita as Salsa (season 2 - mid-season 3)
Marizcha Fayn as Jamilah (mid season 3)
Angelia Quartiana as Abel (starting mid-season 2)

cinta fitri season ramadhan sctv

Shireen Sungkar as Fitri
shireen sungkar fitri

Teuku Vishnu as Farrel
teuku wisnu farrel

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