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Senin, 07 September 2009

Who don't know Manohara. Manohara Odelia Pinot (born Manohara Odelia Man in Jakarta) is public figure from Indonesia. She is also a model, and had a nightmare marriage with Malaysia Kelantan Prince, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry. But Manohara succedd to escape back to Indonesia after a lot of suufering and struggle.

Back to Indonesia, Manohara was offered 2,5 Billion Rupiah to play in Mega Sinetron Manohara, at channel RCTI. The sinetron itself will focus in Manohara story, her unwillingness marriage, a heavy physics suffering from her husband although the story will not exactly same with her real life.

Watch Manohara Mega Sinetron Ramadan, starting July 20, every day, pkl. 18:00 pm!

Manohara Cast and starring :

Mrs. Lili (Mrs. Mano): Dewi Yull
Mano: Manohara
Rico: Oka Antara
Resky: Dude Herlino
Brother Manohara: Rizha Shahab
Brother Manohara: Jessica Mila

Ost Sinetron Manohara - Maha Melihat (Opick Feat Amanda)

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Sinetron Manohara Synopsis and story :

Manohara is a girl 19 years old, who worked as an employee at an electronics company. Innocence and kindness attract Mrs. Ingrid, the owner of the company. Without wasting any more time, direct inquiries about the background to the girl and then ask for her hand into law, coupled with his son Rico.

Lili Mother, Manohara shocked parents knowing proposal from a wealthy businessman was. Like all mothers, the mother had a dream Manohara if one time there was a "Prince" handsome and rich can be a companion children.

Finally Mrs. Lili persuaded to accept Manohara Rico, because Rico is the best choice, and in this world God might just give one chance in a lifetime.

With a variety of considerations, including the desire to please his brother, Adit and Nanda, Manohara finally approved the marriage, though not yet know much dapper man named Rico that.

On the other hand, Rico would not want to approve a desire mama, because she Inggrid always wanted to organize everything and who controls the family economy. Moreover, the suggestion of his friend, better to follow the mother's desire to be happy, so Rico can continue huranya enjoy life, because poor women are usually not dare to fight.
Manohara went to Rezky, friends in the company without the knowledge of electronic Manohara put on him. Mano told the news. Rezky was devastated to hear it directly.

Since his love is sincere, Rezky happy that the girl who loved going to be happy, "Maybe this is God's plan. Because I'm certainly not going to be able to provide joy for Man," he said.

After marriage, the beauty of the Manohara was completely different picture with the fact that it faces. Life Mano increasingly apparent, even the passion fruit in the luxurious environment, because the cold and cruel attitude of the husband. Still Mano spend all the time to pray for her husband to change.

Hearing what had happened Manohara, Rezky began ventured near Manohara. He said that would still receive Mano whenever needed.

Nonton Video Sinetron Manohara di RCTI

sinetron manohara

Manohara Odelia Pinot in Sinetron RCTI "Manohara"
manohara odelia pinot

Oka Antara as Rico
oka antara

Dude Herlino as Resky
dude herlino

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