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Jumat, 09 Oktober 2009

Cinta dan Anugerah is sinetron that aired on RCTI. The drama start airing everday on 7 P.M. So many beautiful Indonesian girls are playing on that drama, make it more valuabel to watch. Nabila Syakieb, Eva Anindhita, and Yasmine Wildblood are just a few sexy artist that cast on Cinta Dan Anugerah.

The main actor is Ashraf Sinclair, a England born Malaysian Actor, and a husband of Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL).

Nabila Syakieb is Indonesia 23 years old Indonesia actress. She had played in many sinetrons such as Cinta SMU, Yasmin, Kasih, etc.

Yasmin Wildblood was born on March 11th 1993 and has full name Yasmine Leeds Wildblood. She is the only one daughter of Brian Michael Wildblood the UK and Anita Siregar an Indonesian woman.

The soundtrack of Cinta Dan Anugerah is Kebesaranmu, by Indonesia PUSPA Boy Band "ST 12".

Cinta Dan Anugerah is aired after another RCTI Sinetron Manohara, and aired together with SCTV Sinetron "Melati Untuk Marvel".

Cinta Dan Anugerah Cast and Starring :

Nabila Syakieb as Nabila / Yasmin
Ashraf Sinclair as Reza
Miller as the Avian
Eva Anindhita as Chintya
Giovanni Jehoshaphat Tobing as Gio
Yasmine Wildblood as Aira
Wilda Hamid as Mini
Raya Kohandi as Saskia / Nabila False
Asha Shara as Hani
Marcell Darwin as Aldi
Maya as
Richard Kevin as Alvino
Donny Damara as Imran
Hanna Hasyim as Halima
Cut Sarra as Saira
Adjie Pangestu as Raffi
Adipura as Harris
Tri Ningtyas as Farida

Cerita, Synopsis, Story of Cinta Dan Anugerah :

Nabila (played by Nabila Syakieb) is a pretty simple girl and kind. He lived with his sister Aira (played by Yasmine Wildblood) a beautiful, cheerful but clumsy, and Mini (played by Wilda Hamid) is smart, pious but kuper. In addition, Nabila also live with her father, Imran (played by Donny Damara), which often got drunk. Caused by his father, Nabila also inevitably have to bear the burden of his family.

Nabila burden heavier after his father later died of a stroke. Not only that, his father left the debt was large enough to make Nabila and her sisters have lost their homes, their property only. His father had just left a letter telling you that the contents Nabila and her sisters still have a close relative of his mother, Reza (played by Ashraf Sinclair), a wealthy businessman. Although not sure Reza will recognize them, Nabila, Aira and Mini too desperate Reza came to the house.

Their arrival was welcomed into the house cold Reza by Reza. After reading the letter from Imran, Reza who was handsome and too proud to accept this for the three of them lived in one house pavilion, with the condition that they must work at houses Reza. Nabila was accepted with pleasure and promised to do anything to reward Reza. Reza just smiled proud.

Another case with Reza, Saira (played Cut Sarra), Reza's brother who also lived in the house with her three children, Chintya (played by Eva Anindhita), Ryan (played by Giovani Tobing Jehoshaphat) and Soni (played by Kevin Julio) do not like the presence of Nabila, Aira and Mini. Especially when Saira and Chintya know that Avian (played by Miller), the trust Reza favored by Chintya'd fallen in love with Aira.

Not only Avian, Reza began Aira fascinated with beauty. Yet secretly liked Reza Nabila. But Nabila not want to hurt her brother. Until one day Reza Aira apply to become his wife. Aira confused, on the one hand he loves to Avian. On the other hand, his ambition was to marry a super rich person. Aira also accepting applications Reza. But conscience can not be fooled. Aira decided to stay with Avian. On her wedding day, Aira blurred so that Reza was embarrassed and angry. Self-esteem intact. Reza revenge was married Nabila.

Cinta Dan Anugerah Crew :
Producer: Leo Sultanto
Director: Sanjeev Kumar

Photos Foto of Sinetron Cinta Dan Anugerah

cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti

cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti

cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti

nabila syakieb cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Nabila Syakieb as Nabila / Yasmin

eva anindhita cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Eva Anindhita as Chintya

ashraf sinclair cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Ashraf Sinclair as Reza

giovanni tobing cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Giovanni Jehoshaphat Tobing as Gio

yasmine wildblood cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Yasmine Wildblood as Aira

Miller cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Miller as the Avian

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