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Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

Pengorbanan Anggun is the newest sinetron drama aired by Sinetron every thursday on 7 PM. The sinetron starred a lot of famous Indonesia stars who in peak performances in the end 90's such as Tia Ivanka and Nafa Urbach.

Nafa Urbach, a former girfriend of Primus Yustisio, can be the highlight in this sinetron. This Germany born actress and singer had stopped playing in sinetron for 4 years, and now she came back.

It is worth to see and wait the return of Nafa urbach. Nafa urbach seems to be busy at home and own business after her marriage with actor Zack Lee in 2007.

What a plus poing of this sinetron is so many handsome actors and beautiful girls, although some of them are already mature and not young anymore. Indosiar is focus with a more mature story, different with SCTV and RCTI who consisten in teen (ABG Remaja) dramas.

Pengorbanan Anggun or Anggun Sacrification will focus in the story of Anggun. Anggun played by the beautiful Marissa Christina who famous in telenovela Larasati and Gengsi Gede-Gedean.

Pengorbanan Anggun cast and starring :
Roger Danuarta
Marissa Christina as Anggun
Hikmal Abrar as Radit
Tia Ivanka as Eva
Marcelino Lefrandt as Rudi
Nafa Urbach as Dewi
Errina GD as Bimbi
Monica Oemardi
Anastasya Novie as Maurin
Arif Rahman as Sonny
Ferry Ixel as Anton

Pengorbanan Anggun Synopsis, Story, and preview :

The story begins at the meeting and Anton Rudi on a beach. Not just begging to suspend debt Anton, Rudi intends to borrow even more because the business was on the verge of destruction. However, Anton did not appreciate the fact Rudi request requesting that makes grim.

No half-hearted, Anton asked Goddess Rudi to accompany his wife and spoiling for a night at the resort where they vacation. Rudi Anger mounted, he was about to hit the middle of playing Anton Jetski. However, Anton ran away. Chase occurred until Jetski explode and cause Rudi dying.

At the hospital Goddess panic, chapters Rudi operating costs very expensive. Decided to go to Anton, who would have thought he was asking who had made conditions in Rudi. Apparently, Anton Goddess never liked when they were both in college.

Goddess who ran mad, but in the rain, call the hospital and asked her to immediately pay the cost of deposits for fear that something would happen to the patient. Goddess could no longer avoid. With tears of pain, he received an offer for healing Anton Rudi.

After a long time ago, the Goddess gave birth to a baby, younger brother of Rendy (Sonny). The crying baby's voice with a ringing phone sound. Anton was a call asking for debt, but Rudi was again not able to pay off.

Anton Rudi bluff by asking him to keep the baby with the Goddess. Rudi just terrible shock, especially Anton said that goddess came to and receive requests for hospital costs. Rudi is furious goddess divorce immediately and never received her baby. Not only that, he left goddess who held a baby in lara.

Shila baby was already grown up and married with Radit, a playboy. Knowing Radit is the son Rudi, Goddess of trying to find a variety of reasons to avoid besannya. When parents want to bersilaturahmim Goddess Radit directly hiding and left the letter with the reason to go abroad.

Since then, the days filled with pain Goddess, let alone he never told Anggun about the girl's biological father. Anggun do not have the heart to continue on DEWI ask about his father because it would increase the pain of the mother. Now the concentration is more toward taking care of Eva's husband and mother-in-law who does not like it because it has not offered other than Anggun grandchildren, he never considered not commensurate with Radit family.

Eva always memperlalukannya as assistant, until one day Rudi scolded Eva would rather have fun partying at home receive the effects, Eva replace vent his frustration on Anggun. Anggun sad when I read the news relieved return Maurin, his adopted brother Sonny who are dating.

As luck, Maurin had not come to the house because it directly to the hotel and forcing someone to come see him. Someone's turned out to be husband Radit Anggun. Tau was so Murin come, Sonny tries to come to her hotel. However, it Maurin avoid Sonny.

Arrival Maurin and disrupt the relationship Radit Anggun. Murin is so sweet in front Anggun secretly stabbed from behind. Murin flirt, and tease Radit to a relationship that had once been lost. Maurin was so angry when I know Radit Anggun married to a man who always adored.

Maurin had already betrayed three people namely Sonny, Dewi and Anggun, he even managed to seduce Radit to buy houses and cars. The veil began to lift when Anggun to help organize a new home Maurin, Radit suddenly came in and greeted him with a call "love". Just awful, Anggun was shocked.

Themes Song Pengorbanan Anggun titled "Mau Tapi Malu" by Gita Gutawa featuring Maia

kau yang di sana siapa dirinya
buatku terpana
kesan pertama sungguh mempesona
ingin mengenalnya

di kepalaku ada suka yang menggila
sudikah kamu mengenalku mendekatiku aku

aku mau tapi malu
ku suka matamu, hidungmu, wajahmu
dan aku mau untuk jadi milikku

aku mau tapi malu
ku suka gayamu, tingkahmu, senyummu
tapi ku malu tuk katakan padanya

aku yang selalu punya sejuta cara
cara tuk merayu
tapi yang terjadi aku seperti ini
ku bingung sendiri

repeat *
repeat reff

aku suka, aku mau, tapi sungguh aku malu
aku diam, aku bingung, aku harus bagaimana
oh Tuhanku, tolong aku, mengapa ku jadi mau
ku tak tahu kenapa ku tiba-tiba jadi malu
ku tak tahu, tak tahu, tak tahu
ku tak tahu, tak tahu

repeat reff [2x]

Photos of Pengorbanan Cinta, and star :

Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun

marissa Christina Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Marissa Christina as Anggun

Hikmal Akbar Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Hikmal Abrar as Radit

Roger Danuarta Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Roger Danuarta

Marcellino Lefrand Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Marcelino Lefrandt as Rudi

Nafa urbach Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Nafa Urbach as Dewi

Tia Ivanka Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Tia Ivanka as Eva

Arif Rahman Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Arif Rahman as Sonny

Watch Nafa Urbach single "Wanita Super" video here

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