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Selasa, 10 November 2009

Safa dan Marwah is a Sinetron aired in RCTI. Safa Dan Marwah staring the cute idol ABG teen from Indonesia Nikita Willy (only 15 years old) and Risty Tagor (20 years old).

Although the main character is still a teen, but the story is so complex. The girl must face so many problem including their family affair, friendship and of course the love story.

Safa dan Marwah story and synopsis :

Marwah (Risty Tagor) is a beautiful girl, a tomboy, tough and kind. She lives with her mother, Siti (Mieke Amalia), in the fishing village. Marwah never realized that Siti was not his biological mother. All he knew was Marwah want to help her find her sister, the child who always longed Siti by Siti.

Unlike the Marwah, Safa (Nikita Willy) is a gentle girl, beautiful, kind, Soleha, and rich. A typical woman's dream of all men. Safa lived with her parents, Zainal (Umar Lubis) and Ruth (Inggrid Kansil), and the ignorant brother, Ilham (Rionaldo Stockhorst). apart from all the shortcomings family, Safa very fond parents and family, Safa did not know that he had no blood relationship with them all.

At one point, Marwah moved to Jakarta after receiving a scholarship from one of the leading campus. It was there that he met with Safa is a flower on campus. Finally, the friendship began to grow between Safa and Marwah. They both had never realized what a bond between them actually. Marwah to Safa admire that despite having everything, still remember to share the happiness with the people in need. And vice versa, Safa Marwah admire the sincere and volunteer to teach Koran in the mosque where he used to give donations. Toh

Proximity they both make Siti chance to meet with Safa. What a heart bergetarnya Siti when met with Safa. Maternal instincts could not be deceived, although his brain did not understand what was going on in his heart. Siti attention was so abundant at the Safa. Strong her feelings saying that Safa was the son who had lost since sold to a wealthy family. This of course makes surprise Marwah. Hearts are always clean Marwah also get a test. Could she avoid him from feeling envious of her mother, the only person he has turned out to feel the feelings that much more meaningful to Safa?

Safa and Marwa and then both met with Adil (Riza Shahab), a student nomads pious, intelligent, and very handsome. At different both captivated by the Fair so perfect in their eyes. But both did not dare to show their feelings because, although only poor children, Adil was a campus hero because of his good looks, prestige, charm and her kindness.

Nikita Willy Profile :

Nikita Willy born in Jakarta, 29 Juni 1994. She started her first sinetron at 7 years in sinetron Bulan Bintang. Get her Popular from drama Roman Picisan also casted by Evan Sanders. ]

Risty Tagor Profile

Risty Tagor born in Jakarta, 12 April 1989. Start into public media highlight from Horro Film "Pocong 2" in 2006. Some sinetron Risty had ever played such as Pengantin Remaja, Pintu Hidayah, Pangeran Penggoda, Maha Kasih, dan Hei Cantik.

Safa Dan Marwah Cast and Starring :

Nikita Willy as Safa
Risty Tagor as Marwah
Rionaldo Stockhorst as Ilham
Riza Shihab as Adil
Citra Kirana as Atika
Mieke Amalia as Siti
Umar Lubis as Husein/Zainal
Inggrid Kansil as Ratih
Riyanto R.A as Fikri
Epi Kusnandar as Kodir
Yadi Timo as Rajaf
Cut Memey as Zalimah
Drg. Fadly as Rudi
El Manik as Kades

More info about Safa Dan Marwah
- Safa And Marwah is a teen drama, played by 15 years old girl. But the story in the drama is so complex. It looks like the story is not suitable for only 15 years old teen.

- A news said that one actress from Safa dan Marwah, uniza Umirtuningsih, had been raped by the sinetron crew during the shooting at Puncak. The rape done by two crew at 2 November 2009. But the truth about the criminal now is still unclear.

- Not many beautiful girls found in the sinetron. Many of them are still too young or ABG. But luckily there is Mieke Amalia. Although she is a widow now, but still looks fresh, energetic, and sexy.

- Soundtrack of Safa dan Marwah is Biarkan Jatuh Cinta.

Lirik Lagu ST 12 - Biarkan Jatuh Cinta OST Sinetron Safa Dan marwah

Mata ini indah melihatmu
Rasa ini rasakan cintamu
Jiwa ini getarkan jiwamu
Jantung ini detakkan jantungmu

Dan biarkan aku padamu
Menyimpan sejuta harapan
Aku padamu
Rasa ini tulus padamu
Takkan berhenti
Sampai nanti ku mati

Biarkan aku jatuh cinta
Pesona ku pada pandangan
Saat kita jumpa
Biarkan aku kan mencoba
Tak perduli kau berkata
Tuk mau atau tidak

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sinetron rcti safa dan marwah

Nikita Safa Dan Marwah
Nikita Willy as Safa

Risty Tagor Safa Dan Marwah
Risty Tagor as Marwah

Rionaldo Stockhorst Safa dan marwah
Rionaldo Stockhorst as Ilham

Mieke Amalia Safa Dan Marwah
Mieke Amalia as Siti

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